Agreement, 14 January 1837

This agreement made & entered into this fourteenth  day of January A.D. 1837.— witnesseth that We the  Undersigned Managers of the Kirtland-safety-society -Bank of the Township of Kirtland, County of  Geauga and State of Ohio hereby authorize, constitute  and appoint David K. Cartter of the Village of  Akron, County of Portage & state aforesaid, our  Banking Agent at Akron aforesaid to loan and  Exchange the Notes of said Bank.— And we  hereby covenant and agree to furnish said Cartter  with the Notes aforesaid from time to time as  said Cartter may require, to the amount of Thirty  Thousand Dollars, It is further stipulated by the  parties of to these presents that said Cartter in loaning  said money shall not receive notes or other obligations  therefor made payable, at a longer period than  ninety Days from the date thereof <and renew the same from time to time at his discression Except otherwise directed by said Managers>— Also that  said Cartter shall report and make a full exhibit  of his business as such agent to the President of  said Bank by letter or otherwise once in every  two weeks.— Also that said Cartter shall be  limited to and governed in the amount of his  loans, by the amount of his Exchanges.—
Also that the amount of said Exchanges shall be  subject to the order of said Managers.— [p. [1]]
Agreement, JS, Sidney Rigdon, Frederick G. Williams, Reynolds Cahoon, and others, to David K. Cartter, Kirtland, OH, 14 Jan. 1837; handwriting of Sidney Rigdon with signatures of Sidney Rigdon, JS, Frederick G. Williams, Reynolds Cahoon, and others; two pages; JS Collection, CHL. Includes endorsement.