Balance of Account, 23 April 1834

Amt. of Balances due from the following persons the 23d. day of apl. 1834 at which  time Joseph said it was the will of the Lord the accounts v.s. those persons should  be balanced (up to the above date) in full without any value recd.; am’ts as follows
Viz. Balance due from F. G. Williams & Co. 23d. apl. 1834 was—$584.14
Balance due from Joseph Smith Jr d[itt]o " do was—1151.31
Balance due from Oliver Cowdery do " do was—68.57
Balance due from Sidney Rigdon do " do was—777.98
Balance due from F[rederick] G. Williams do " do was—485.67
Balance due from Jno. Johnson do " do was—567.68
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Newel K. Whitney, balance of account, Kirtland, OH, 23 Apr. 1834; one page; Newel K. Whitney Papers, BYU. Includes endorsement.