Blessing for David Whitmer, 22 September 1835

Blessed of the Lord is brother David [Whitmer], for he truly is a faithful friend to mankind, and he should be beloved by  all, because of the integrity of his heart. All his words are as steadfast as the pillars of heaven, because truth is his only  meditation, and he delighteth in it, and shall rejoice in it forever. The Lord God of Abraham, of Isaac and of Jacob,  shall be on his right hand and on his left, and shall go before his face, and shall be his rear ward, and his enemies  shall become an easy pray unto him; for behold, he it is, whom the Lord hath appointed to be captain of his host,  under the guidance and direction of him who is appointed to say unto the strength of the Lord’s house, Go forth and build  up the waste places of Zion. A mighty shaft shall he be in the quiver of the Almighty in bringing about the redemption  of Zion, and in avenging the wrongs of the innocent. He shall yet stand upon the land of Zion, from whence  he has been driven, and shall find inheritance there; and shall be a ruler in Zion until he is old and well stricken [p. 13]
Blessing, JS to David Whitmer, Kirtland, OH, 22 Sept. 1835; handwriting of Oliver Cowdery; in Patriarchal Blessing Book 1, pp. 13–14; CHL.