Blessing for Don Carlos Smith, 1 October 1835

Blessed of the Lord is brother Carlos [Don Carlos Smith], for the Lord my God delighteth in him: He shall be made a polished  shaft in the quiver of the Almighty unto the confounding of thousands and tens of thousands of mine enemies; and he  shall never want a friend. He shall dream dreams and see visions, and the Spirit of the Lord shall dwell in  him; and he shall be a chosen vessel of the Lord, for the spirit of prophecy shall be upon him: therefore, he shall nev er fail in his understanding, and by the help of his judgment he shall be as a choice seer in the house of the  Lord. He shall also become a great lawyer, pertaining to the laws of God, and also pertaining to the  laws of the land; for he shall have understanding in these things, and shall be called to stand in legis lative bodies, and shall confront the errors of rulers and kings, to their face, and they shall reverence  him because of the greatness of his understanding and his nobility of soul. He shall be taught of his  God like unto Jacob in ancient days; for his God shall delight in him all the days of his life, which  shall be many. It shall be his lot to stand among the nobles of the earth: and the burden of his influence,  over the inhabitants of the earth, shall render him like unto an orchard in a fruitful season, as  it is borne down with the abundance of fruit— so shall the weight of his influence be over the minds  of those who know his name: for his name shall be magnified among men. Unto what shall I  liken my brother Carlos? I will liken him unto a mighty river that is continually running into  the fountain of the great deep— so shall the blessings of his labors be, a fountain of righteousness be cause of the greatness of his soul. And he shall be blessed upon the mountains of Zion with the  fruit of the vine and with the fruit of the field, and shall be sustained with corn and oil, and his  heart shall be sustained with the good things of the earth: with houses and with lands, with chariots  and with horses, with mules and with asses, with camels and with swift beasts, at home up on the mountains of Zion, and also abroad: among foreign nations shall the power of his wealth extend,  even to kingdoms afar off. All these things shall come upon him and his seed after him to the  latest generation. He shall be filled with the good things of the earth. He shall have power  over the wicked and escape the hands of his enemies; for he shall prevail against them: and  he shall have his right to the holy priesthood. All these blessings shall come upon him and his  seed after him; for they shall be numerous, and shall rise up and call him blessed. And in ad dition to these he shall have a diligent mind, even to persevere in the time of trouble,  and prevail. He shall inherit a crown of eternal life. Amen.
A prayer— O God, let the residue of my father's house, with the residue of those whom thou hast blessed,  ever come up in remembrance before thee and stand virtuous and pure in thy presence, that thou  mayest save them from the hand of the oppressor, and establish their feet upon the rock of ages,  that they may have place in thy house and be saved in thy kingdom, even where God and Christ  is: and let all these things be as I have said, for Christ's sake. Amen.
Oliver Cowdery, Clerk and Recorder.
Given in Kirtland, Geauga County, Ohio, December 18th, 1833, and recorded in  this book by me, October 1, 1835. [p. 11]
Blessing, JS to Don Carlos Smith, Kirtland, OH, 1 Oct. 1835; handwriting of Oliver Cowdery; in Patriarchal Blessing Book 1, p. 11; CHL.