Blessing for Newel K. Whitney, 7 October 1835

Blessed of the Lord is brother [Newel K.] Whitney, even the bishop of the church of the Latter Day Saints; for the bishopric shall  never be taken away from him while he liveth. And the time cometh that he shall overcome all the nar rowmindedness of his heart, and all his coveteous desires that so easily besetteth him; and he shall deal with a  liberal hand to the poor and the needy, the sick and the afflicted, the widow and the fatherless: and mar velously and miraculously shall the Lord his God provide for him, even that he shall be blessed with all the fulness [p. 33]
Blessing, JS to Newel K. Whitney, Kirtland, OH, 7 Oct. 1835; handwriting of Oliver Cowdery; in Patriarchal Blessing Book, pp. 33–34; CHL.