Celebration of the 4th of July, August 1838

The order of the day for the 4th of July, as  directed by the committee of arrangements.
The committee of arrangements, which  had been previously chosen, to make arrange ments for the celebration of the 4th of July,  and laying the corner stones of the temple,  reported the following which was strictly ad hered to.
First that Presidents Joseph Smith Jr. be  president of the day, Hyrum Smith vice pres ident, and Sidney Rigdon orator.
Second that Reynalds [Reynolds] Cahoon, be marshal  of the day, and Col. George M. Hinkle and  Major Jefferson Hunt, be assistant marshals.
Third that George W. Robinson act as  Colonel for the day; Philo Dibble, as Lieut.  Colonel; Seymour Brunson as Major, and  Reed Peck as Adjutant.
Fourth that Jared Carter, Sampson Avard,  and Cornelius P. Lott, act as Generals, be fore whom, the military band shall pass in  review.
Fifth that the procession commence form ing in the morning, at 10 o’clock A. M. in  the following order.
First the Infant[r]y in front.
Second the civil procession as follows:
2nd the President vice president and ora tor, of the day.
4th the Presidents of the stake with the  high Council.
6th the architects.
7th the ladies, and then the gentleman of  the civil procession.
Then the Cavalry brought up the rear.
After the procession was formed, which  was exceedingly large. The whole marched  to the notes of a small band of music under  the direction of Dimick Huntington, around  the cellar which had been dug for the house.  The ladies forming a circle immediately a round the cellar, the gentleman, of the civil  procession in a circle next to the ladies. The  infantry in a circle next, and the cavalry out side.
After the whole procession was thus com pletely formed, prayer was made by the pres ident of the day, and a tune played by the  band, and then, proceeded to lay the corner  stones, as follows.
1 The south east corner was laid, by the  presidents of the stake, assisted by twelve  men.
2 The south west corner, by the presidents  of the Elders, assisted by twelve men,
3 The north west corner, by the bishop as sisted by twelve men.
4 The north east corner, by the president of  the teachers, assisted by twelve men.
After each stone was laid, the music play ed a tune.
When the ceremony of laying the stones  was completed, the ladies were formed in a  circle, immediately, around the stand, where  the oration was to be delivered, and the whole  procession formed around them, as previous ly at the cellar of the house. The gentleman  visitors were invited to come to the stand.— After which the oration was delivered, at the  close of which, there was a shout of hosan na. A song was then sung by Soloman [Solomon] Han cock, composed by Levi Hancock for the oc casion.
The military band then marched from the  stand, and the President, Vice President, and  Orator of the day, attended with the visitors,  marched to the south side of the public  square, and the troops under the command  of their officers chosen for the occasion, pass ed in review before them. After which the  whole procession was dismissed.
The whole ceremony of the day, was per formed without the least disorder or confu sion, and the people, in the most perfect or der, retired to their homes.
The Committee of arrangements, take this  opportunity of tendering their thanks, to the  whole multitude who was in attendance, for  their good behavior on the occasion, and for  the due respect which they paid to the so lemnities of the scene. [p. 60]
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