Covenant, 29 November 1834

prosper us in our busi ness, and open the way be fore <us> that we may obtain  means to pay our debts,  that we be not troubled  nor brought into disre pute before the world nor  his people, that after  that of all that he shall  give us we will give  a tenth, to be bestowed  upon the poor in his  church, or as he shall  command, and that  we will be faithful over  that which he has entrus ted to our care and that we [p. 88]
JS and Oliver Cowdery, Covenant, Kirtland, OH, 29 Nov. 1834; handwriting of Oliver Cowdery with signatures of JS and Oliver Cowdery; in JS, Journal, Nov. 1832–Dec. 1834, pp. 87–91; JS Collection, CHL.