Deed to Joseph McKune, 28 June 1833

Unidentified handwriting ends; probably S. Meylert begins.  

Susquehanna County ss.
Recorded in the Office for recording Deeds  in and for said County in Deed Book No 9  page 290. Witness my hand and seal this  13th Jany 1835
for C[hristian] L. Ward Recorder
S[ecku] Meylert [p. [4]]
Deed, JS and Emma Smith, Kirtland, OH, to Joseph McKune Jr., Harmony, PA, 28 June 1833; unidentified handwriting with signatures of JS and Emma Smith and possibly Alpheus C. Russell and Urania L. Morley; certification probably in handwriting of Alpheus C. Russell; additional certifications in handwriting of Daniel Kerr and D. D. Aiken, with recorder’s entry probably in handwriting of S. Meylert; four pages; JS Collection, CHL.