Discourse, 2 July 1839

. . . Then Joseph arose & presented some precious things of the kingdom unto us in the power of the  Holy ghost, yea precious principles that ought to be engraven upon our hearts & practiced in our lives, some of which  are as follows. Ever keep in exercise the principles of mercy & be ready to forgive our brother on the first  intimations of repentance & asking forgiveness & should we even forgive our brother or our enemy before  they ask it our heavenly father would be equally as merciful unto us, & also we ought to be willing to  repent of & confess all of our own sins & keep nothing back, & let the Twelve be humble & not be exalted  & beware of pride & not seek to excell one above another but act for each others good & honerably make  mention of each others name in our prayrs before the Lord & before our fellow men, & not backbite & devour  our brother. Why will not man learn wisdom by precept & example at this late age of the world & not be  obliged to learn every thing we know by sad experiance. Must the new ones that are chosen to fill the  places of those that are fallen of the quorum of the Twelve, begin to exhalt themselves untill they set so high  that they will tumble over & have a great fall & go wallowing through the mud, mire, & darkness Judas  like to the buffatings of Satan as several of the Twelve have done, or will they learn wisdom & be wise (O  God give them wisdom & keep them humble I pray) When the Twelve or any other witness of Jesus Christ  stands befor the congregation of the earth & they preach in the power & demonstration of the Holy Ghost &  the people are astonished & confounded at the doctrin & say that that man has preached a powerful discours  a great sermon then let that man or those men take care that they do not asscribe the glory unto themselves  but be careful that they are humble & asscribe the praise & glory to God & the Lamb for it is by the power of the [p. [86]]
JS, discourse, Montrose, IA, 2 July 1839; handwriting of Wilford Woodruff; in Wilford Woodruff, Journal, 2 July 1839; Wilford Woodruff journals and papers, CHL.