Indenture, 23 November 1836

This indenture made and entered into this twenty  third day of November in the year one thousand eight  hundred & thirty six between W[arren] A. Cowdery and Lyman H.  Cowdery, his son, of the town of Kirtland, county of Geauga  and State of Ohio of the first part & Joseph Smith Junr of the town county and State aforesaid of the second  part Witnesseth, that said W. A. Cowdery of the first part  agrees for the consideration herein after named  to put, place and bind to said party of the second part  his son, Lyman H. Cowdery, for the full term of  five years from the twenty third day of November A.D.  1836 and until he the said Lyman H. Cowdery shall  be twenty years of age— And the said Lyman H. Cowdery  also voluntarily places, himself under the care, protection  superintendence and control of said party of the second  part, for the term of five years from the twenty third  day of November aforesaid, during which time he  promises to be faithful, obedient and attentive to all  the lawful command of said party of the second part  reserving only and excepting the hours of devotion,  school, refreshment and repose. Said party of the  second part promises and agrees that he will, during  the term of five years aforesaid board the said L. H.  Cowdery, clothe him in a respectful manner, and  defray all his necessary and contingent expenses, for  books tuition and maintainence in sickness and in  health, until the expiration of the five years, aforesaid,  It is expressly understood by the contracting parties [p. [1]]
Indenture, Warren Cowdery and Lyman Cowdery, Kirtland, OH, to JS, Kirtland, OH, 23 Nov. 1836; handwriting of Warren Cowdery with signatures of Warren Cowdery, Lyman Cowdery, JS, and Warren Parrish; two pages; JS Collection, CHL. Includes endorsements.