Letter from Brigham Young, 29 April 1840

To Pres’t. Joseph Smith and coun selors: dear brethren, you no doubt  will have the perusal of this letter, and  minutes of our conferences; this will  give you an idea of what we are doing  in this country. If you see any thing  in, or about the whole affair, that is not  right: I ask, in the name of the Lord  Jesus Christ, that you would make  known unto us the mind of the Lord,  and his will concerning us. I believe  that I am as willing to do the will of  the Lord, and take counsel of my breth ren, and be a servant of the church, as  ever I was in my life; but I can tell  you, I would like to be with my old [p. 121]
Brigham Young, letter, Ledbury, England, to JS, Nauvoo, IL, 29 Apr. 1840; Times and Seasons, June 1840, pp. 121–122.