Letter from Brigham Young, 7 May 1840

If we could go four ways at a time we could not fill  all the calls we have for preaching. I shall expect such  council from you about the Elders comming as you shall think  necessary for us and them to have. I wish to know what the  prospect is about the goverment’s doing any thing for us. When  we left New York I thought there was but a poor chance for  us: concerning being called to the Seventies and sent to other  countries I should like to know whether it would be prop per to ordain them to that office or not while here  Had any of us better come back this fall, I suppose that some that  came over with us will return Brothers [Hiram] Clark and Hadlock [Reuben Hedlock]— and  Brother [Theodore] Turley if he gets at liberty. I suppose you have heard  that he is in prison. he has been there ever since my arrival in  in England and how long he will remain there the Lord only  knows, he was put there through the influence of a priest  as nigh as I can learn, for some old pretended claim but no  one can find out what that claim is. I have just met with  brother [Wilford] Woodruff he tells me that the Church in this region  of country numbers between three and four hundred, it is only  about three months since Bro Woodruff commenced to labor here  I have just received a letter from Bro Turley which stated  he expected to leave his place the next day. Bro Woodruff  sends his respects. I am as ever: Brigham Young
To Joseph Smith [p. 153]
Brigham Young, letter, Lugwardine, England, to JS, Nauvoo, IL; handwriting of Robert B. Thompson; in JS Letterbook 2, pp. 151–153; JS Collection, CHL.