Letter from David Thomas, 31 March 1838

known him to give a misrepresentation of  any part, He is a merchant and I suppose doing  a moderate buisness[.] his place is now, onley  laid out about a year since a beautifull  sight to the river, and a first rate landing  And Sir permit me to say to you, if you  could make it convenient or for your advan tage to settle in this County, I would let  you have part of my land[.] There is yet to  enter adjoining my land, as good land is in  the world, I have no doubt you can do as  weell here in forming a settlement and prob aly better than any place in the state  The facilities of the river will be of great ser vise to in settling this uper country besid[e]s  some of the knowing ones have aimed to uproot  you, but here you can break them down  in turn, I will join you in the specula tion if necessary and if possible the church[.]  I will have after paying for 1600 acres of  land $4,000, If they pay me in Far West, enou gh give my respects to Mrs Smith & accep t for yourself
a friends respect
Elder Joseph Smith Jr
N.B. P.S. Further I own a section of land  in Monroe [County] near the forks of Salt river, and  if necessary sell or make a settlement there  I know of no man in the world I would rath er entertain than yourself I would be glad  if you would find whether my debt is  secure in that place, and let me know  Please to help me if you can do so without  being oppressive to your feelings or interest  these I do not wish you [to?] violate for me  Mr. Root is my confidential friend anything  [you?] may say to him is safe, if you cannot come [p. 27]
David Thomas, letter, Pleasant Park, MO, to JS, Far West, MO, 31 Mar. 1838; handwriting of George W. Robinson; in JS, Journal, Mar.–Sept. 1838, pp. 26–27; CHL.