Letter from Don Carlos Smith, 6 July 1838

Nine Miles from Terre Haute, Ind.
Bro. Joseph
I sit down to inform you of our  situation at the present time. I started from  Norton, Ohio, the 7th of May, in company with  Father, Wm. [Smith], Jenkins salsbury [Wilkins Jenkins Salisbury], Wm. McClerry [McCleary]  & Lewis Rob[b]ins, and families, also sister singly [Margaret Leasure Singley]  is one of our number, we started with 15 horses  seven wagons, & two cows, we have left two horses  by the way sick one with a swelling in <on> his shoul der, a 3rd horse (as it were our dependance) was  taken lame, last evening and is not able to  travel, and we have stop[p]ed to docter him  We were disappointed on every hand before we  started, in getting money, we got no assistance  whatever only as we have taken in sister singly  and she has assisted us as far as her means  extends, we had when we started, $75 dollars  in money, we sold the 2 cows for $13.50 per  cow we have sold of your goods to the amt  of $45.74 and now we have only $25 dollars  to carry 28 souls & 13 horses, 500 miles, we have  lived very close and camped out knight, notwithst anding the rain & cold, & my babe only 2 we eks old when we started, Agness [Agnes Coolbrith Smith] is very feeble  Father & Mother are not well but very much  fatigued, Mother has a severe cold, and it is  nothing in fact but the prayer of faith and the  power of God, that will sustain them and bring  them through, our carriage is good and I think  we shall be braught through, I leave it with  you and Hyram [Hyrum Smith] to devise some way to assist  us to some more expence money, we have had  unaccountable road <bad> roads, had our horses down  in the mud, and broke of[f] one wagon tongue [p. 50]
Don Carlos Smith, letter, near Terre Haute, IN, to JS, Far West, MO, 6 July 1838; handwriting of George W. Robinson; in JS, Journal, Mar.–Sept. 1838, pp. 50–51; CHL.