Letter from Edward Partridge, 5 March 1839

Quincy Ill. March 5th. 1839
Beloved Brethren
Having an opportunity to send direct to you by br  Rogers, I feel to write a few lines to you. Pret. [Sidney] Rigdon, Judge [Elias] Higbee, I[srael] Barlow  and myself went to see Dr [Isaac] Galland week before last. brn, Rigdon, Higbee, and myself  are of opinion that it is not wisdom to make a trade with the Doctr. at present, possibly  it may be wisdom to effect a trade hereafter. The people receive us kindly here, they  have contributed near $100 cash besides other property for the relief of the suffering among  our people. Brother Joseph’s wife lives at Judge Clevelands [John Cleveland’s], I have not seen her  but I sent her word of this opportunity to send to you. Br Hyrum [Smith]’s wife lives not  far from me, I have been to see her a number of times, her health was very poor when  she arrived but she has been getting better, she knows of this opportunity to send.  I saw Sister [Harriet Benton] Wight soon after her arrival here, all were well, I understand that she  has moved out about two miles with Father & John Higbee who are fishing this spring.
Sister [Eunice Fitzgerald] McRae is here living with Br Henderson and is well I believe she knows  of this opportunity to send. Br [Caleb] Baldwin’s family I have not seen, and do not know  that she has got here as yet, She may however be upon the other side of the river  the ice has run these three days past so that there has been no crossing, the weather  is now moderating and the crossing will soon commence again.
This place is full of our people, yet they are scattering off nearly all the while. I  expect to start tomorrow for Pittsfield, Pike Co, Ill, about 45 miles, S. E from this  place. Br Geo. W. Robinson told me this morning that he expected that his [p. 3]
Edward Partridge, letter, Quincy, IL, to JS and others, Liberty, MO, 5 Mar. 1839; handwriting of James Mulholland; in JS Letterbook 2, pp. 3–4; JS Collection. CHL.