Letter from Elias Higbee, 9 March 1840

Washington Mar. 9. 1840
Dear Bro,
I expected by this time, that we  would be through with our business, but the chair man of the committee gave notice last week, he  should call it up to day, in the Senate: though  Mr. Young’s having gone to Phild., it will not be  called up untill his return, which will be on  next thursday, according to the information  that I have obtained relative to this matter.
If the resolution is passed, as annexed to the  Report; I shall get my papers, and leave the  City— I have written some letters to bro. [Sidney] Rigdon,  which, it seems he did not get, (at least all of  them). Bro. [John C.] Bennett writes; that bro. Rigdon lefit [left]  for the Jerseys, on the 5th. inst. He stated, that he  expects me to come there, to go with him home; and  that he would write m[o]re soon on the subject— I  shall [wait?] for him to make the necessary arrangements  He says. Dr. Ells, family left about a week  ago, for commerce: also that the church there numbers  about one hundred, and P. P. P. [Parley P. Pratt], O. P. [Orson Pratt] Bro [Heber C.] Kimball, Bro  [Brigham] Young G[eorge] A. Smith & Bro Hadlock [Reuben Hedlock], were to sail  from New York to England on the 7th inst. As I have  lately written several letters to you,”— I shall bid adieu  not to write again unttill after the Senate acts upon our  business Mr. Robinson says, he has sent you a Report,  notwithstanding I shall enclose another, for you— I  have changed my place of boarding in consequence  of Mrs Richeys. breaking up house keeping, and gone  to Baltimore,— I am busy here at chimney corner prea ching— Yours as ever, in the Bonds of everlasting love
Lest my previous Letters, should not come to hand, I  m[e]rely say that Iwill have been before the committee, three  days, and done all in my power to effect the object  of our mission— have spoken my mind freely on  the subject; an[d] feel to have a conscience void of [p. 104]
Elias Higbee, letter, Washington DC, to JS, Nauvoo, IL, 9 Mar. 1840; handwriting of Howard Coray; in JS Letterbook 2, pp. 104–105; JS Collection, CHL.