Letter from Hyrum Smith, 2 January 1840

Nauvoo Handcock Co. Illinois Jany 2. 1840
Dear Bretheren
It is with feelings of no ordinary  Kind that I write to you at this time in answer to  the letters with which we were favoured. Your letters were  truly interesting, and were read with great interest by  the Bretheren here, as well as by myself— We were truly  glad to hear of your safe arrival in the City of Was hington— Your interview with his Excellency the Presi dent, and the steps you have since taken for the  furtherance of the object you have undertaken  to accomplish, and for which you have left the—  endearments of home, and the society of your friends.
The mission on which you are engaged is certainly  an important one, and which every saint of God, as  well as every one whose breast beats high with those  patriotick feelings which purchased our national  freedom must take a deep interest in—  And although there may be many who do not value  your labors— their sectarian prejudices being greater  than their love for truth and the constitution of our  Country: yet there are a many who will undoubtedly  appreciate your services, and will feel it a pleasure  to assist you all that they possibly can.
Conscious of the  righteousness of your cause— having having the prayer  of the saints (amongst whom are many who have  shared with you the trials persecutions & imprisonment,  which have been heaped upon the saints of Missouri) and [p. 91]
Hyrum Smith, letter, Nauvoo, IL, to JS and Elias Higbee, Washington DC, 2 Jan. 1840; handwriting of Howard Coray; in JS Letterbook 2, pp. 91–94; JS Collection, CHL.