Letter from Hyrum Smith, 2 January 1840

another edition of his Books of Mormon and wanted  permition to print and edition of the Book of Mormon  and Doctrine and Covenants &c with a periodical sim ilar to the Times and Seasons” stating that ther were  men who had means, that would assist in these  things— He likewise wanted to get privilidge for  the twelve to print the Book of Mormon &c in Europe.  I wrote in reply that if there were any of the Brethern—  disposed to aid, and had means to spare for such  purposes to send them to this place, so that not only  this place might be benefited, but that the Books  might come out under your immediate inspection.
I am afraid some have been induced to tarry  and assist Parly in these undertakings; and had  made arrangements with Elder Granger to assist in  liquidating the New York debts, I want a Letter as  from you Bro. Joseph, as soon as possible, giving me  all the instruction you think necessary. I feel the  burthen in your absence is great. Father expresses a  a great desire to go to Kirtland along with Bro.  Granger, who has promised to pay his and Mothers  expenses. Would you think it advisable for them  to go or not. The high Council met a few  days ago and took your second letter into con sideration and passed some resolutions on the  subject: appointed committees to get certificates  for land, and to get all other information they  could— some have gone to Quincy and others to  different places— We shall forward from time  to [time] the information you desire. You will receive  enclosed in this a number of Duplicates for land  from Bishop [Edward] Partridge and others— The  Mississippi is frosen up; the weather is very cold &  a great quantity of snow is on the ground and has been  for some time. Your family is in tolerable good health  excepting one or two. having the chills occasionally.
Bishop [Vinson] Knight desires me to inform you, that Br  Granger and Hose have drove into commerce a  large quantity of Hogs. They are now engaged [p. 93]
Hyrum Smith, letter, Nauvoo, IL, to JS and Elias Higbee, Washington DC, 2 Jan. 1840; handwriting of Howard Coray; in JS Letterbook 2, pp. 91–94; JS Collection, CHL.