Letter from John E. Page, 23 September 1840

sincerely solicit your special prayers sealed with a harty  Amen. Elder Hyde is truly a humble servant of the Lord &  very agreeable companion in the ministry; our hearts are one  our faith is one, and the Strong holds of Satan quake before  us. We desire to have grace to perform our mission that  we may return to our families & bretheren with triumph &  joy. I anticipate that Elder Hyde is in N. York City &  I am waiting to obtain a few copies of the third Edition of  the Book of Mormon. To raise means is hard, yet <we trust>  in the Lord. I shall go to Phil.a. as soon as possible.
I have baptized thirteen in this city, many are believing,  and some halting between two opinions, and have baptized  in all since I star[te]d Eighty four. I have had a vision from  the Lord, which manifested the present state of the world  respecting the Jews, Jerusalem, the remnant of Israel, and  also, the Gentile world— as hasty summer fruit so is this  nation— as a vineyard of grapes fully ripe, ready to  be gathered for the Press so are all the nations of the earth.
I want the conference to send some faithful and competent  elder to this place to nurse the seed or word that has [been] sown  here, and shall leave this matter <with> E. Robinson to lay bef ore the conference. Elders [Samuel] Bent & [George W.] Harris are here and are  using all their energies of both mind and body to fill their  calling; I them deem them amply qualified to discharge  the functions of their office, provided they keep humble.
Dear brethren remember me to my family, and pray  for them— remember me to Sister [Marinda Nancy Johnson] Hyde and also all of  the wives of the Elders in particular whose husbands are  in the field. Tell them to pray for us. I hope the  authorities of the church will see that they are provided  for, for food and raiment that they may enjoy life with  you. Yours in the bonds of the Covenant
John E. Page, letter, Cincinnati, OH, to JS and others, Nauvoo, IL, 23 Sept. 1840; handwriting of Howard Coray; in JS Letterbook 2, pp. 181–182; JS Collection, CHL.