Letter from Joseph Bosworth, 17 February 1834

My Dear Breathren in Christ, at Kirtland
The Visions which I have had from God for some  month past Stand Conspicuous before <my> mind with<out> which  Every thing from my youth to this Day would  Vanish out of my Sight or to nothing Compared to  the two Visions most remarkable which I had Last  night Surpassing all thing heretofore Known by  me—
May I first then give thanks to God through Jesus christ  to whom be glory power honor and Dignity for ever
you Know Breathren how Difficult it is to com municate the things which God Gives us by writeing I  Shall therefor not attempt nor expect to give you  but a verry Slight Sketch of the out Lines of my  revalations or Visions
on the 16th Feb 10 Oclock in the Evening 1834  commenced the things a part of which I write to you
first Vision
I Saw a Strange appearance in the Sky in the East  Next a boddy of Light raiseing up in the Same  place. while this Lumenary was raising which was not  brighter then the Sun— I Saw another most grand  fountain of Light more magestick then any thing thing  that Eever <I> Saw of Great magnitude and the Light  that flowed from <it> is indecrible [indescribable] So bright that it  would Shine bright on the Sun or as much br[i]ght er— then the Sun thn <as> the Sun is brighter then the moon  this greater then all Light,— was far in the South  So Low Down that it appered to be allmost Levil  with the Surface of the Earth but not on the Earth  tho it give its Light to the Earth which Light was not  a flaming Light Like the Sun but the most pure  Light to Look upon with great pleasure, the purity  of this Light, I can not tell you any thing about  neather can I tell you any thing of its great Splender  I Looked at this great Sight in the South <with> great Earnest ness. as I Supposed it would Soon Disappear and the other  one in the East I h <I could See> after this had Disappeared  if I Should Sit here and write respecting this most beautifull  appearing Lumenary three Days I Should not be able  to <give> you any Idea of the Exelence of its glorious appearan[c]e  when or whether at all these Lights Disapeared in my  Vision I am not able to tell as my Eyes were [p. [1]]
Joseph Bosworth, letter, Copley, OH, to JS, Kirtland, OH, 17 Feb. 1834; presumably handwriting of Joseph Bosworth; four pages; JS Collection, CHL. Includes endorsements.