Letter from Newel K. Whitney, 20 April 1837

Kirtland 20th April 1837
Your families are all well as usual  and in good spirits— Mr Burse [Ambrose Bierce] of Ravenna came here day before Yesterday  & after counseling together he thought best to defer doing any thing with Clarke  & others for the present, but let them go on as they could do nothing— the enemy  have learned that we have the advantage of them, and seem to be startled  and Davis & Denton say they will rot in prison before they will testify in Court.  The fact is Clarke and others have learned that they have said too much for  their own good, and they feel more quiet than they did & the excitement got  up by them runs low, in consequence of which Br Hyrum [Smith] says to me  this morning write Joseph & Sidney to come home as soon as they please  they need have any fears on account of the enemy at all—
Brother Hyrum, [Reynolds] Cahoon, & myself went and saw [Timothy] Martindale yesterday  who says he will not settle otherwise than we pay him $2500 pay cost of  Court & he keep the farm, or he will leave it to men to say how much  we shall give him. Esqr Burse thinks if we leave it to the Court  to decide, Martindale will recover the 5000 $ therefore Hyrum thinks [p. 61]
Newel K. Whitney, letter, Kirtland, OH, to JS and Sidney Rigdon, Palmyra, NY, 20 Apr. 1837; handwriting of James Mulholland; in JS Letterbook 2, pp. 61–62; JS Collection, CHL.