Letter from Oliver Cowdery, 28 January 1832

Independence January [2]8th 1832Bro. Joseph
According to promise I trans mit to you the proceedings of the confrences held 23–24. and 27.th. which are as follows.
Minuets [Minutes] of a General Confrence held in the land of Zion (Kaw Township Jackson County Mo—.)  at the dwelling house of bro. Newel Knight <23> First month (Jan.). AD. 1832. 3 oclock P.M.
Names of Elders presant who  were ordained to the H.P.H. Names of Elders who were  not ordained to the H.P.H.
Edward Partrage [Partridge]Levi Hancock
John Correll [Corrill]Zebedee Coltrin
Isaac MorleySelah J. Griffin
John WhitmerCalvin Bebee [Beebe]
John MurdockPeter Dustin
Wm W PhelpsJoshua Fairchild
Lyman WightDaniel Cathcart
Harvey WhitlockPriest
Newel KnightHezekiah Peck
Parley [P.] PrattTeacher
Oliver CowderyIsaac Bebee [Beebe]
Edward Partrage appointed moderator and  Oliver Cowdery Clerk.——
Prayer by bro. John Murdock.——
By joint resolution commandments read  relative to various subjects. Resolution of fered by bro. Lyman Wight to take into con sideration the circumstances of two brethren  present. (Isaac & George Bebee [Beebe]) who desired to  preach the Gospel.——
39. Commandment read by the Clerk certain  remarks made by him and bro. Wm W. Phelps  relative to the subject 30. Commandment read and remarks made by bro. Edward Partrage  concerning the duties of Priests Teachers and Deacons their duties read by bro. John Whitmer  from the Articles and Covenants. remarks by bro. John Carrell stating the office of a Priest  Teacher or Deacon to be as important as that of a High Priest. Resolved therefore that there  be no person ordained in the churches in this the land of Zion to the office of Elder Priest Teacher or Deacon  without the united voice of the church in writing in which such individual resides.——
The above Resolution adopted by unanimous vote.— Records of the church which came  from Chardon Geauga Co. Ohio. received and laid on the Table. Presented by their Teacher Isaac Bebee
The Bishop brought forward a statement of the lands purchased for inheritances for the saints amo unting to nearly twelve hundred acres.— After a long discussion upon the expenditures expedi ency of mechanics immediately moving to this land for the be[n]efit of the church. the follow ing resolution was proposed. Resolved that the Bishop be instructed to request the churches  in the east to send to this land o[n]e blacksmith, two shoemakers one carpenter and joiner one mason  one waggon and plow maker o[n]e tanner and currier one millwright one hatter one chair &  cabinet maker, one silver Sm[it]h and one wheel wright. The abo[v]e Resolution adopted by unanimous vote  Upon motion of the Clerk Confrence adjourned until half past 8. Oclock A.M. Closed.——
Prayer by brother Daniel Cathcart. Oliver Cowdery Clerk of Confrence 9. OClok eve.
[24 January 1832]
Confrence convened according to adjournment names called and prayer by the Clerk.——
Minuets of yesterdays proceedings read. The Bishop brought forward his account of moneys received  from the church and also a statement of the expenditures of the same. The Bishop made certain rem arks relative to the subject now before the confrence stating that in consequence of not making minuets at the  time of paying out moneys last summer while traveling to this land and after arriving he could not  account for nearly sixty dollars and after presenting the account bro. Wm W Phelps arose and said  that he was knowing to the Bishops paying at one time more than thirty dollars last summer for pas sage to this land which was not on the account presented. By unanimous vote the above sum al lowed the Bishop. The following is a list of the Bishops account.——
Amount of funds paid over to the Bishop  up to Jan 24. 1832. including moneys of his own $4508.24
Amount of disbursments for lands and other  necessaries for the church up to Jan 24. 1832.$3449.90
Total amount of funds now remaining in the  Bishops hands at this date Jan 24. 1832 .$1058.34
By unanimous vote the above account accepted
Resolved that the Bishop lay before each Gen eral Con[ference] held by the Elders in this land a reg ular account of moneys and properties recei ved and expended for the use and benefit  of this church The above carried by unanimous vote
The Con. then proceeded to take into considera tion the subject of Schools. After deliberate  discussion the following Resolution passed  by unanimous vote. Resolved that this  Confrence appoint Brs, Oliver Cowdery William W. Phelps and John Correll to superintend Sch ools in this land. the Churches in this land.— The Records of the Church which came from Colesville N.Y. rece ived and laid on the Table. presented by their Priest Hezekiah Peck. Upon motion of bro. John Murdock  bro. John Correll appointed by unanimous vote to keep the General Church Record of <the> names of the Desiples  in this land. according to the church Covenants.—— Resolved that the Bishop be instructed to estab lish a house of entertainment i[n] the Town of Independence to accommodate the traveling Elders of this  Church and other brethren whose circumstances may require. Also inquirers from a distance &c. to be supported  out of the General Church fund a regular return of its expenditures and income to be made to each [p. [1]]
In November 1831, Oliver Cowdery and John Whitmer left Ohio with manuscript copies of the revelations that would constitute the Book of Commandments. They carried these documents to Missouri, and three weeks after their arrival, they held a conference in Kaw Township, Jackson County, Missouri. As conference clerk, Cowdery took minutes, which he conveyed by letter to JS shortly thereafter.
At the conference, the bishop, Edward Partridge, and the church agent, Sidney Gilbert, made a formal accounting of church funds entrusted to their care. After presenting the minutes, the letter continued this accounting. The letter also addressed the church’s establishment in Zion and expressed concerns regarding the need to carry out the move to Zion in an orderly fashion, in consultation with Missouri church leaders.
Oliver Cowdery wrote and sent this letter from Independence, Missouri, to JS at Kirtland, Ohio. Newel K. Whitney apparently retained this manuscript; no other copy is extant.