Letter from Oliver Cowdery, 6 November 1829

<Let[ter] 4> <Manchester> November the 6th. 1829
Brother Joseph Smith Jr.
I received your leter yesterday bearing date Oct. 22d  I had long time expectted to hear from you and had often  enquired at the post office for a letter and of course it was  gladly received by us all[.] we rejoice to hear that you are  well and we expect also rejoice to hear that you have  a prospect of obtaining Some mony and we further rejo[i]ce  that you are at rest from your percecutors and we rejoice [p. 6]
In this letter, Oliver Cowdery reported briefly on the activities of the New York believers and on the status of the printing of the Book of Mormon. However, the preponderance of this document provides a glimpse of Cowdery as a deeply religious man. His work during the previous six months as JS’s scribe exposed him to the Book of Mormon’s emphasis on redemptive grace, and he incorporated a number of that book’s passages into his letter.
Cowdery wrote this letter in response to JS’s letter of 22 October 1829. Though the original is not available, JS copied this letter into his Letterbook 1 in late 1832 or early 1833.