Letter from Orson Hyde, 28 September 1840

Burlington co. N. J. Sept. 28, 1840.
Dear Brethren.
I left Elder [John E.] Page at Cin cinnati the latter part of August, and  came on up the Ohio river as far as  Wellsburgh, Va. I stopped with fa ther James, who received and enter tained me with great kindness and  hospitality. He and his daughter, a  very fine amiable young lady, were  keeping house together; and very pleas antly situated on the delightful banks  of the beautiful Ohio. Here I preach ed twice and baptized three persons.— Had a very pleasant visit with a broth er of Elder S[idney] Rigdon’s; came on by  stage and Steam Boats to Pittsburgh:  from thence took the canal to Leech burgh, where I stopped and preached  to a small number of saints, raised up  by the instrumentality of father Nick erson—all in good spirits. As I left  this place, about 9 o’clock in the morn ing, the most remarkable phenomenon  occured in the heavens that I ever wit nessed. There appeared two bright  and luminous bodies, one on the north,  and the other on the south side of the  sun: in length about ten yards, in clining to a circle resembling a Rain bow, about fifty yards distant from the  sun; apparently east of the sun, about  twenty-five yards, was a body of light  as briliant, almost, as the sun itself;  and on the west, a great distance from  the sun, appeared a white simi-circle  passing half way round the horizon,  and another crossing it at right angles,  exhibiting a scenery of the sublimest  kind. It was a great wonder to the  passengers on board the boat. Put this  with the fact that the Jews are gather [p. 204]
Orson Hyde, Burlington County, NJ, to JS, Nauvoo, IL, 28 Sept. 1840; Times and Seasons, 1 Nov. 1840, pp. 204–205.