Letter from Sidney Rigdon, 3 April 1840

James Ivans April 3d. 1840
Bro. J. Smith Jr.
Dear Sir, I thought I would occ upy, a portion of this morning in writing to you= by  a letter received from br. [Elias] Higbee yesterday, I have  learned that the Senate has decided, that they  have no constitutional right to interfere in the  case between us and the people of Missouri; &  refer us to the Courts for redress; either those of  Missouri or the, U. S. Now I am confident, that  there is but one person in Missouri, that we  can see with safety, and that is [Lilburn W.] Boggs, and  he is known to be a bankrupt, and unable to pay  his debts, that if we should see him, we will  have the cost to pay, as he has nothing to pay it, [p. 125]
Sidney Rigdon, letter, NJ, to JS, Nauvoo, IL, 3 Apr. 1840; handwriting of Howard Coray; in JS Letterbook 2, pp. 125–127; JS Collection, CHL.