Letter from Sidney Rigdon, 3 April 1840

with, we are therefore left to bear the loss without  redress at present
Judge Higbee is on the way home, and  has been for ten days, he obtained money from  Judge Young, to what amount I cannot say, but  he will be able to tell you when he gets home—  The Judge continues his friendship, and is ready,  to accommodate with money, whenever called  for— Shurely he is a friend indeed, and ought  never to be forgotten. I am up to this time with out means to get home; but I have no uneasin ess abo[u]t it. I shall doubtless get means as soon  as my health will admit of my going.
My health is slowly improving, and I,  think if I have no relaps, I will be able to leave  for home some time in the month of May. I  have not had a chill for about four weeks, my  appetite is quite good, and my food sits well on  my stomach, and digests well, but there are  the remains, by spells, of that foulness of stoma ch, which has troubled me so much; and those  morbid sensations, which were the cause the cause  of it, my feet and legs swell every afternoon, con siderably. There is a great excitement got up  here by A[lmon] Babbitt about going to Kirtland, a  number from Phild are going immediately. Now  it is my opinion that this is an unwise movement:  large purchases have been made there for the Saints,  and if they should fail to purchase, it will leave  us in difficulty. Grate complaints are made and  making against br. [Oliver] Granger in Kirtland, about  his getting drunk. It is said that he and Oliver  Cowd[e]ry took a real drunken scrape together, and  that he went into the Pulpit and preached, when  he was so drunk, that he could scarcely stand: these  reports come from defferent persons, and I suspect they  are true; and they ought not to go unreproved.
I wish you would say to my family, that on  yesterday I had a letter from George [W.] Robinson, dated [p. 126]
Sidney Rigdon, letter, NJ, to JS, Nauvoo, IL, 3 Apr. 1840; handwriting of Howard Coray; in JS Letterbook 2, pp. 125–127; JS Collection, CHL.