Letter from Thomas Shaw, 21 April 1835

To the Saints of the Most High
Dear Brethren in the Lord,
At a council of the pastors of our churches  held Mar. 28— 1835. upon the propriety of the Rev John Hewitt  visiting you— it was resolved & approved that as he had an  anxious desire to go to America to see the things that are  spoken of in one of you papers, brot here by a Merchant from  N. York, he should have as he desired the sanction  of the council & if it pleas’d the Lord his approval.
The Lord hath seen our joy & gladness  to hear that He was raising up a people for himself in that  part of the New World as well as here. O may our faith  increase that he may have Evangelists Apostles & prophets  fill’d with the power of the spirit & performing his will  in destroying the works of darkness.
The Rev. Mr. Hewit was proffr  of Mathematics in Rotherm Independent Seminary & four  years pastor of Barnsley Independent Church—  He commenced preaching the doctrines we taught about  two years since & was excommunid— Many of his flock  folld him so that eventually he was installd in  the same church & the Lord’s work prospered— As he is  a living epistle you will have, if all be well, a full  explanation. Many will follow should he approve  of the country &c. who will help the cause because  the Lord hath favoured them with this world’s goods,
We had an utterance during our meeting,  which [p. [1]]
Thomas Shaw, letter, Barnsley, England, to the Saints, United States, 21 Apr. 1835; presumably handwriting of Thomas Shaw; two pages; CHL. Includes endorsements.