Letter “To All People,” 6 April 1840

To all people unto whom these pres ents shall come.—Greeting.
Be it known that we the con stituted authorities of the Church of  Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, as sembled in conference, at Nauvoo, Han cock county and State of Illinois, on  this, sixth day of April, in the year of  our Lord, one thousand, eight hundred  and forty, considering an important  event at hand, an event involving the  interest and fate of the Gentile nations  throughout the world. From the signs  of the times, and from declarations con tained in the oracles of God, we are  forced to come to this conclusion.
The Jewish nation have been scat tered abroad among the Gentiles for a  long period; and in our estimation, the  time of the commencement of their re turn to the Holy land, has already ar rived.
As this scattered and persecuted  people are set among the Gentiles as a  sign unto them of the second coming of  the Mesiah; and also, of the overthrow  of the present kingdom’s and Govern ments of the earth, by the potency of  his Almighty arm in scattering famine  and pestilence like the frosts and snows  of winter, and sending the sword, with  nation against nation to bathe it in each  others blood: It is highly important,  in our opinion, that the present views  and movements of the Jewish people be  sought after, and laid before the Amer ican people for their consideration,  their prophet [profit] and their learning; and  feeling it to be our duty to employ the  most efficient means in our power to  save the children of men from the “a bomination that maketh desolate.”— We have, by the counsel of the Holy  Spirit, appointed Elder Orson Hyde,  the bearer of these presents, a faithful  and worthy minister of Jesus Christ, to  be our agent and representative in for eign lands, to visit the cities of London,  Amsterdam, Constantinople and Jeru salem; and also other places that he  may deem expedient, and converse with  the priests, rulers and Elders of the  Jews, and obtain from them all the in formation possible, and communicate  the same to some principal paper for  publication, that it may have a gener al circulation throughout the United  States.
As Mr. Hyde has willingly and  cheerfully accepted the appointment to  become our servant, and the servant of  the public in distant and foreign coun tries for Christs’ sake, we do confident ly recommend him to all religious and  christian people, and to gentlemen and  ladies, making no profession, as a wor thy member of society, possessing  much zeal to promote the happiness of  mankind, fully believing that they will  be forward to render him all the pecu niary aid he needs, to accomplish this  laborious and hazardous mission for  the general good of the human family.  Ministers of every denomination, upon  whom Mr. H. shall call, are requested  to hold up his hands and aid him by  their influence, with an assurance that [p. 86]
JS, letter, Nauvoo, IL, “To All People,” 6 Apr. 1840; Times and Seasons, Apr. 1840, pp. 86–87.