Letter to Crooked Creek, IL Saints, 14 July 1840

Nauvoo, July 14th, 1840.
To the saints of the Crooked Creek  Branch, Greeting:
Having taken into consideration the  subject of the propriety of establishing  a stake at Crooked Creek, as request ed in the resolutions of said branch,  dated July 7th, 1840, signed by John  A. Hicks Pres’t. and William [A.] Wight man Clerk.
We have to say that we approve of  the proceedings of the branch, and that  their resolutions are in accordance  with our views and feelings, and the  sentiments adduced at the last April  conference.
Therefore this may certify that the  members of the church of Jesus Christ,  of Latter Day Saints, residing at the  Crooked creek branch, are authorized  to establish a stake agreeable to their  request; and that they select such a lo cation as they may think best adapted  for that purpose.
In order to carry into effect this ob ject, it will be necessary to appoint a  Bishop to transact business for said  stake, which appointment will be left  to the decision of said branch.
The first Presidency will some one  of them attend as soon as convenient to  organize the stake, and give such in structions to the saints as may be wis dom.
JS and Hyrum Smith, letter, Nauvoo, IL, to the Saints in Crooked Creek, IL, 14 July 1840; Times and Seasons, 15 Nov. 1840, p. 222.