Letter to Emma Smith, 4 April 1839

Liberty, Jail, Clay. Cont Mo, April, 4th, 1839.
Dear— and affectionate— Wife.
Thursday night I sat  down just as the sun is going down, as we peak throu  the greats of this lonesome prision, to write to you, that  I may make known to you my situation. It is I believe <it is>  now about five months and six days since I have bean  under the grimace, of a guard night and day, and within the  walls grates and screeking of iron dors, of a lonesome  dark durty prison. With immotions known only to  God, do I write this letter, the contimplations, of the  mind under these circumstances, defies the pen, or  tounge, or Angels, to discribe, or paint, to the human  mid mind being, who never experiance what I we  experience. This night we expect; is the last night  we shall try our weary joints and bones on our  dirty straw couches in these walls, let our case  hereafter be as it may, as we expect to start to mor row, for Davi[es]s Co—, for our trial, We shall have  a change of Venue to some of the lower counties,  for the final trial, as our Lawyers generaly say;  if law can be adheared to in Davis, as it grants us  the privaliege. But you are awere of what we may  expect, of beings that <have> conducted as they have. We  lean on the arm of Jehovah, and none else, for  our deliverance, and if he dont do it, it will not  be done, you may be assured, for there is great  thirsting for our blood, in this state; not beca use we are guilty of any thing: but because  they say these men <will> give an account of what  has been done to them; the wrongs they have su stain if it is known, it <will> ruin the State.  So the mob party have sworn, to have our  lives, at all hasards, but God will disapp oint them we trust, We shall be moved from  this at any rate and we are glad of it let  what will become of <us> we cannot <get> into a worse hole [p. [1]]
JS, letter, Liberty, MO, to Emma Smith, Quincy, IL, 4 Apr. 1839; handwriting of JS; three pages; JS papers, Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library, New Haven, CT.