Letter to Emma Smith, 4 November 1838

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when we arrived at the river last night  an express came to geneal Willson from  gene[r]al [John B.] Clark of Howard County claiming  the right of command ordering us back  where <or what place> God only knows, and there is some  feelings betwen the offercers, I do not  know where it will end, it <is> said by  some that general Clark, is determi ned to exterminating exterminate God has spare d some of us thus far perhaps he will  extend mercy in some degree toward  us <yet> some of the people of this place have  told me that some of the mormans  may settle in this county as others <men> do  the peg I have some hopes that some  thing may turn out for good to the  afflicted saints, I want you to stay  where you are untill you here from  me again, I may send for you to  bring you to me, I cannot learn  much for certainty in the situation  that I am in, and can only pray for  deliverance, untill it is meeted out,  and take every thing as it comes,  with patience and fortitude, I hope  you will be faithful and true to every  trust, I cant write much in my situa tion, conduct all matters as your circum stances and necesities require, may God  give you wisdom and prudance and sobriety  which <I> have every reason to believe you  will, those little <childrens> are subjects of my medita tion continually, tell them that Father  is yet alive, God grant that he may see  them again Oh Emma for God sake [p. [1a]]
JS, letter, Independence, MO, to Emma Smith, Far West, MO, 4 Nov. 1838; handwriting of JS; three pages; JS Materials, CCLA.