Letter to Horace Hotchkiss, 28 July 1840

good title deed for the same, and who would be induced to  make purchases and make an effort to raise money for the sake  of getting a deed which effort they would not be so likely to make  if we could only give them a bond, this I think will work both  to your advantage and ours, and hope that we shall be able soon by  and by to make some cash sales. I hope this arrangement with  Mr White will meet your approbation, altho it is a departure from  the common rules of business, but was induced to do so from the  advantages which will result from it and which I hope will  be mutual.
The amount of interest paid to Mr White after deducting  $61.50 which was coming from him to you for rents was eighty four  dollars and forty cents. Mr White told us, that you agreed to  pay him as much interest for the money as he could get elsewhere  we accordingly (in good faith) allowed him at the rate of ten per  cent.
Hoping the course pursued will meet your approbation.
I am respectfully
Your Obt Srt,
Joseph Smith Jr
P.S. You will recollect the verbal agreement entered into by us  that the notes for the interest would not be exacted for at least  five years. Notwithstanding which we use our endeavoers  to meet them as fast as possible, and think that when I have  the pleasure of seeing you again, that you will be fully satis fied with the course we have taken and our endeavours to  meet all our engagements.
J.S. Jr. [p. 163]
JS, letter, Nauvoo, IL, to Horace Hotchkiss, 28 July 1840; handwriting of Robert B. Thompson; in JS Letterbook 2, pp. 162–163; JS Collection, CHL.