Letter to Hyrum Smith, 5 December 1839

much as we had anticipated if not more— We  have had a pleasing interview with Judge Young,  who proposed to furnish us with expense money—
We can draw on him for funds to publish our  book and we want you to raise some more money  for us and deposit it in the branch Bank on in  Quincy to be drawn to the order of Judge Young.
Send us the amount of the order your deposit,  taking a receipt of the same— You need not be  afraid to do this, We think from the proceeds  of the sales of books— We can make it all strait:  do therefore be punctual, and attend to this matter;  as much depends upon it. We cannot accomplish  the things for which we were sent without some  funds— You very well know brethren we were  contented to start, trusting in God with little or  nothing— We have met with but one accident since  we started— The lock of our trunk was broken off  and Bro. Lyman Wights. petition is missing, but  we presume there is a copy of it preserved; if there  is you will please forward it immediately, with  the name and affidavit affixed to it. For Gods.  sake Bretheren be wide awake, and arm us  with all the power possible, for now is the time  or never— We want you should get all the influ ential men you can of that section of country of  Iowa and every other quarter to write letters to the  members of Congress, using their influence in our  behalf, and to keep their minds constantly upon the  subject. Please to forward this to our wives
Yours  in the bonds of the everlasting covenant,
Joseph Smith Jr.
Congress has been in session four days and the  house of Representatives is not yet organized  on account of some seats being contested, in the  New Jers[e]y Delegation. They have this day succeeded [p. 87]
JS and Elias Higbee, letter, Washington DC, to Hyrum Smith, Commerce, IL, 5 Dec. 1839; handwriting of Howard Coray; in JS Letterbook 2, pp. 85–88; JS Collection, CHL.