Letter to Isaac Galland, 22 March 1839

cred and dear, and dispise no man for  differing with me in matters of opinion.
Accept Dear Sir, my best wishes  for your welfare, and desire for further  acquaintance, I close my letter, by giv ing you some quotations which you  will have the goodness to read.
The second epistle of Paul to Timo thy, 1: 5–7. 2: 10–14. 4: 2–7.  Ephesians 4: 10–18. 1st Corinthians  12: 1–31. 8: 3–6. Ephesians  4: 1–8. The 1st Epistle of John 1:  Mathew, 3: 13–17. St. John 3: 1  16. 10: 1–50. 28: 18–20. St. Luke  24: 45–53. If you wish another ad dress on this subject, you have only to  let me know, and it shall be attended  to.
Yours truly,
N. B. If Bishop [Edward] Partridge, or if the  church have not made a purchase of  your land, and if there is not any one  who feels a particular interest in mak ing the purchase, you will hold it in re serve for us; we will purchase it of  you at the proposals that you made to  Mr. Barlow. We think the church  would be wise in making the contract,  therefore, if it is not made before we  are liberated, we will make it.
Yours &c.
JOSEPH SMITH, Jr. [p. 56]
JS, letter, Liberty, MO, to Isaac Galland, 22 Mar. 1839; Times and Seasons, Feb. 1840, pp. 51–56.