Letter to John C. Bennett, 8 August 1840

Nauvoo Hancock Co Ill
Aug 8th. 1840
Dear Sir
Yours of the 25th. Ultimo addressed to Elder  [Sidney] Rigdon & myself is received for which you have our thanks  and to which I shall feel great pleasure in replying.  Although I have not the pleasure of your acquaintance, yet  from the kindness manifested towards our people when in  bondage and oppression, and from the the frank and nob le mindedness br[e]athed in your letter, I am brot, to the con clusion that you are a friend to suffering humanity & Truth.
To those who have suffered so much abuse and borne the  cruelties and insults of wicked men so long on account of  those principles which we have been instructed to teach to  the world a feeling of sympathy and kindness is something  like the refreshing breese and cooling stream at the present  season of the year and are I assure you duly appreciated  by us
It would afford me much pleasure to see you at this  place, and from the desire you express in your letter  to move to this place I hope I shall soon have that satisfaction.
I have no doubt you would be of great service to this  community in practicing your profession as well as those other  abilities of which you are in possession. Since to devote  your time and abilities in the cause of truth and a suffer ing people may not be the means of exalting you in the eyes [p. 176]
JS, letter, Nauvoo, IL, to John C. Bennett, Fairfield, IL, 8 Aug. 1840; handwriting of Howard Coray; in JS Letterbook 2, pp. 176–178; JS Collection, CHL.