Letter to Saints in Kirtland, 19 October 1840

these things to God and to futurity. and feel disposed  to forget this coldness on the part of the Saints in Kirtland,  and to look to the future with more pleasure than  where while we contemplate the past; and shall by the assistance  of our Heavenly Father, take such steps as we think  best calculated to promote the interest of the saints  and for the promotion of truth & righteousness, and the  building up of the kingdom in these last days.
The situation of Kirtland was brought  before the general Conference holden at this place on the  3d. instant, when it was resolved that Elder Almon  Babbitt should be appointed to preside over the  Stake of Kirtland and that he be privileged to choose  his own counselors; We therefore hope that the Saints  will hold up the hands of our beloved brother, and  unite with him in endeavoring to promote the  interest of the kingdom.
It has been deemed prudent to advise the Eastern  brethren who desire to locate in Kirtland, to do so,  consequently you may expect an increase of mem bers in your stake, who probably will be but  young in the faith and who will require kind  treatment. We therefore hope the brethren will feel  interested in the welfare of the saints, and will use  all their endeavors to promote the welfare of the breth ren who may think proper to take up their residence  in that place.
If you will put away from your midst  all evil speaking, backbiting, & ungerous thoughts  and feelings; humble yourselves and cultivate  every principle of virtue & Love then will the blessings  of Jehovah rest upon you and you will yet see good  and glorious days, peace will be within your  gates, and prosperity in your borders which may  our heavenly Father grant in the name of Jesus Christ  is the prayer of your. in the bonds of the Covenant.
Joseph SmithJr.
JS and Hyrum Smith, letter, Nauvoo, IL, to the Saints in Kirtland, OH, 19 Oct. 1840; handwriting of Howard Coray; in JS Letterbook 2, pp. 188–190; JS Collection, CHL.