Letter to Sally Phelps, 20 July 1835

Sister [Sally] phelps, as Brother [William W.] phelps has given me an opertu nity in his paper letter, I gladly improve it, how far it may be  to your edifycation I know not, but trust you will receiv[e]  it in a maner that shall answer my intention in so doing—  for my intention is to give you a word of consolation to streng[th] en you in the absence of your most worthy Companion; and—  husband whose merits and experiance and acquirements, but  few can compete with in this generation and fewer I fear will  ever appretiate the worth of such men; men upon whom  God, in his wi[s]dom hath bestowed gifts, that duly qualify  them to lead men in the way of life and salvation. I consid er in some degree how great a trial you musts have in this sepera tion, but I think I may safely say, that you may rest with  a firm reliance that God will so order it that you may  not be seperated only but for a short season, and then  <your Joy will be full> and if faithful <he will> return and teach you things that have  been hid from the wise and prudent, hiden things of  old times, as Moses saist [in] Deut. 33d <chap> 19th verse for they shall  suck of the abundance of [the] [se]as and of the treasures hid  in the sand. Some of the[se] things have begun [to] come forth  therefore Lift up your heart and be glad; be comforted  be faithful: pray in faith; and in fine say to all the  saints in Zion as the Lord God liveth the redemtion  of Zion is nigh at hand, and we shall live to see it
J. Sm[ith] Jr. [p. [1]]
JS, letter, Kirtland, OH, to Sally Phelps, Liberty, MO, 20 July 1835; Improvement Era, Aug. 1942, p. 529.