Letter to Stephen Post, 17 September 1838

Far West Sept 17th 1838
Stephen Post
I proceed to ans wer your communication of the 1st August  which I should have answered before had it  not been for the press of business on my mind  etc.. The Journal is isued from this place  it commenced I think in May.  As to your information relative to Elders in  foreign lands it is correct Elders [Orson] Hyde &  Kimble [Heber C. Kimball] with several others in company  have visited Great Britain, Elders Hyde &  Kimbal have returned they are here You  will probably se[e] their narative, which I think  they are about to publish in pamphlet  form. They have been very successfull have  baptized between one & two thousands, ordained  some 40 Elders besides other officers necessary.  Other Stakes have been appointed but not by  a committee appointed as you supposed, for  the Lord has said that no stake shall be consid ered a stake of Zion unless appointed, dedicated,  and set apart, by the first presidency, One of them  is situated about 30 miles north of this place  on [page torn][Gr]and river, which is nearly as large as  this place at this time One This is called Adam  Ondi Awman [Adam-ondi-Ahman], or the place where Adam dwelt.  One at the mouth of Grand river called Dewitt  it was a gentile city plott and named by them  that is about 40 miles miles East of this place  &c. &c. &c. The house of the Lord is the next ques tion, The celler is dug the corner stones were laid  July 4th 1838. Next comes the work of the gathering.  As to this, there are thousands gathering this season [p. [1]]
JS and Sidney Rigdon, letter, Far West, MO, to Stephen Post, Kirtland, OH, 17 Sept. 1838; handwriting of George W. Robinson; three pages; Stephen Post Papers, CHL.