Letter to Thankful Cooper Halsey, 4 March 1834

This item is reproduced by permission of The Huntington Library, San Marino, California.
Copy of letter to Mrs. Thankful [Cooper] Halsey, of Ghent, N.Y. in answer  to one written from her to Joseph Smith, Jun.
Madam— Mr. Smith is not in the place, having left  a few days since; but authorized me to open his letters till his  return. This day’s mail brought yours of the 16th. last  month desiring information concerning Parley [P.] Pratt & wife;  and <out> of a sense of common feeling which I consider the duty of  every individual to his fellow— May I haste to answer yours  to Mr. Smith.
Mr. P. Pratt was in this place a few days since,  direct from Upper Missouri, where he left his wife in  a low State of health, probably as been years past, in  comfortable circumstances, till he returns, which is expected  to be this spring. He was well. He & wife & the society  to which they were united have been driven by a mob from  the county of Jackson of late.
Parley was considerably hurt; but escaped. Whether your  daughter lost her goods, (as many did,) I am not informed.
Excuse my brevity.
I am, Respectfully, &c.
Kirtland Ohio, March 4, 1834. [p. 27]
Oliver Cowdery (on behalf of JS), letter, Kirtland, OH, to Thankful Cooper Halsey, Ghent, NY; handwriting of Thomas Burdick; in Oliver Cowdery Letterbook, p. 27; Huntington Library.