Letter to the Council of the Twelve, 15 December 1840

We had a letter from Elder [Orson] Hyde a few days ago, who is in New Jersey, and is expecting  to leave for England as soon as Elder [John E.] Page reaches him. He requested to know in his  letter if converted Jews are to go to Jerusalem or to come to Zion. I therefore wish  you to inform him that converted Jews must come here. If Elder Hydes & Pages  testimony to the Jews at Jerusalem should be received then they may know “that  the set time hath come”: I will write more particular instructions to them  afterwards. Your
Your families are well and generally in good spirits, and bear their  privations with Christian fortitude and patience.
Brother [Willard] Richards’ question respecting arriving in the spring is answered.  I shall be very happy to see him & his family & likewise  Brother [Joseph] Fielding, tell him that Bro Thompson is making preparations for his coming.
With respect to the rout best to be taken I think you will  be better able to <give> advise than myself. But I would not advise coming  round by the lakes. And it would not be prudent to come via New  Orleans in the sickly season. but in the spring or fall or winter it might  do. Give my kind love to all the brethren, and sisters, and tell  them I should have been pleased to have come over to England to see them, but  am afraid that I shall be under the necessity of remaining here for  some time, therefore I give them a pressing invitation to come and  see me. I am Dr Brethren Yours Affectionately Joseph Smith [p. [7]]
JS, letter, Nauvoo, IL, to the Council of the Twelve, England, 15 Dec. 1840; handwriting of Robert B. Thompson; eight pages; JS Collection, CHL.