License for Frederick G. Williams, 20 March 1833

A Conference of High Priests of the Church of Jesus  Christ certify that Frederick G. Williams the bearer of  this after due examination of his moral character and  Christian attainments was found worthy to receive their  testamonials from under our hands. We therefore Certify  that he has been regularly ordained to the Presidency  of the High priesthood under the hand of Joseph Smith Jr  after the holy order of God according to a commandment  given the 8th day of March AD 1833 to preside over  the affairs of the Church and Kingdom of Jesus Christ  as established in these last days.
Given under our hands at Kirtland  Geauga Co Ohio North America the 20th day of March 1833
Joseph Smith Jr Prd
Frederick G. Williams, who had been serving as JS’s scribe during the previous year and since January 1833 as his counselor, received the appointment on 8 March 1833 as a “president of the high priesthood.” Ten days later, on 18 March 1833, JS ordained Williams and Sidney Rigdon as presidents. This certificate and license attested that Williams was both worthy of that office and properly ordained to it.
Williams drafted this document. JS and Sidney Rigdon both signed it.