License for JS, 21 March 1836

THIS Certifies that <Joseph Smith, jr.> Has been received  into the church of the Latter Day Saints, organized on the sixth of April, in the year of our Lord, one thousand,  eight hundred, and thirty, and has been ordained an elder according to the rules and regulations of said church,  and is duly authorized to preach the gospel, agreeably to the authority of that office.
From the satisfactory evidence which we have of his good moral character, and his zeal for the cause of right eousness, and diligent desire to persuade men to forsake evil and embrace truth, we confidently recommend him  to all candid and upright people, as a worthy member of society.
We, therefore, in the name, and by the authority of this church, grant unto this, our worthy brother in the Lord,  this letter of commendation as a proof of our fellowship and esteem: praying for his success and prosperity in our  Redeemer’s cause.
Given by the direction of a conference of elders of said church, assembled in Kirtland, Geauga county, Ohio,  this <3rd> day of <March> in the year of our Lord, one thousand, eight hundred, and thirty-<six>.
<Sidney Rigdon> Chairman.
<Oliver Cowdery,> Clerk. <Pro. Tem.>
<Pro Tempore.>
<Kirtland, Ohio. March 21, 1836.> [p. [1]]
License, Sidney Rigdon and Oliver Cowdery to JS, Kirtland, OH, 21 Mar. 1836; printed form with manuscript additions in the handwriting of Oliver Cowdery with signatures of Oliver Cowdery and Sidney Rigdon; two pages; JS Collection, CHL. Includes endorsement.