Minutes, 11 November 1831

Minutes of a special conference held in Hiram, Portage Co. Ohio,  November 11, 1831.
Joseph Smith jr.Reynolds Cahoon
Oliver CowderyWilliam E Mclelin [McLellin]
Peter Whitmer jr.Luke Johnson
Sidney RigdonLyman Johnson
Opened. Prayer by br Reynolds Cahoon, who then said that the  question which he wanted settled was whether it was the will of the Lord that he should  go to Zion in the spring. Commandments concerning the duties of the Elders, read by br.  Oliver Cowdery.
Voted that it is the mind of the conference that our br. Reynolds is not yet com manded to go to Zion in the spring by any thing yet written; Therefore, Voted  that our br. Reynolds be not sent up to Zion in the coming spring.
Commandment to br. Thomas B. Marsh read.
Oliver Cowdery, Clerk of Conference. [p. 17]
Minutes, Hiram, OH, 11 Nov. 1831; handwriting of Ebenezer Robinson; in Minute Book 2, p. 17; CHL.