Minutes, 16 March 1835

Kirtland Ohio March 16th 1835
A. High Council was called for church business.
Present Joseph Smith Junr.}Presiding
Sidney Rigdon
F[rederick] G. Williams
John Smith Hyrum Smith
Oliver Cowdery Orson Hyde
Jared Carter Joseph Smith Senr.
Samuel H. Smith Wm. E. McLellin
John JohnsonMartin Harris
Orson Johnson Leonard Rich
Joseph Coe
Luke Johnson.
Opened by prayer of J. Smith Junr. The following  charge or complaint against certain brethren  therein named was presented by John Smith.
To the president of the High council of the church  of Latter Day Saints in Kirtland. Brother, it having  come to my knowledge that there is a difficulty exist ing between brethren, (Viz.) Alpheus Cutler, Asa  Lyman & Reynolds Cahoon, which is injurious to the  cause of truth among us. I have made an exer tion to reconcile them to each other, but to no  effect, I therefore lay the case before the council  for decision.
<J. Smith Junr.>
Kirtland March 16  }
Counsellor John Smith being the Complainant  Sylvester Smith, one of the Presidents of the seventy  was substituded in his room. It was voted that six  Counsellors speak on the case.
Sylvester Smith Jared Carter Orson Hyde
Oliver Cowdery Hyrum Smith Joseph Smith Senr.
[p. 84]
Minutes, Kirtland, OH, 16 Mar. 1835; handwriting of Warren Cowdery; in Minute Book 1, pp. 84–85; CHL.