Minutes, 17 February 1834

The remaining six Counsellors who do not speak in Council, are  to hear patiently the reasoning of the other and correct all errors  which they may discover, and after decission is rendered by  the president, if these remaining counsellors can throw  any farther light upon the subject, so as to correct the decissin [decision]  of the president, they have the liberty so to do, otherwise it stands  and the majority of the Council must rule. It was then voted  by all present that they desired to come under the present  order of things which they all considered to be the will of  God. Many questions have been asked during the time of the organiz ation of this Council and doubtless some errors have been com mitted, it was, therefore, voted by all present that Bro Joseph should  make all necessary corrections by the spirit of inspiration hereafter  Oliver Cowdery drew no. one by lot. Joseph Coe drew  No 2. Samuel H Smith drew No 3. Luke Johnson drew No  4. John S Carter drew No 5. Sylvester Smith drew No 6.  Oliver Cowdery, Samuel H Smith and John S Carter  speak for and on the part of the accuser. Joseph Coe,  Luke Johnson and Sylvester Smith, speak for and on the  part of the accused. The remaining six counsellors are to sit  and hear patiently and correct errors if they discover them.  The Council John Johnson drew No 7. Orson Hyde drew  No 8, Jared Carter drew No 9, Joseph Smith Seignr drew  No 10, John Smith drew No 11, Martin Harris drew No  12, The Council adjourned then, until wednesday at 10 oclk  A.M.——
Minutes, Kirtland, OH, 17 Feb. 1834; handwriting of Orson Hyde; in Minute Book 1, pp. 29–31; CHL.