Minutes, 19 February 1834

upon the heads of the two assistant presidents and pronounced a  blessing upon them, that they might have wisdom to magnify their  office, and power over all the power of the adversary. He also  laid his hands upon the twelve counsellors and commanded  a blessing to rest upon them, that they might have wisdom  and power to counsel in righteousness upon all subjects that  might be laid before them. He also prayed that they might  be delivered from those evils to which they were most exposed,  and that their lives might be prolonged on the earth.
Joseph Smith Sen. then laid his hands upon the head of  his son, Joseph, and said: Joseph, I lay my hands upon thy head,  and pronounc[e] the blessings of thy progenitors upon thee, that  thou mayest hold the keys of the mysteries of the Kingdom  of heaven until the coming of the Lord, Amen. He, also, laid  his hands upon the head of his son Samuel [Smith] and said. Saml.,  I lay my hands upon thy head and pronounce the blessing of  thy progenitors upon thee, that thou mayest remain a priest  of the most high God, and like Samuel of old, hear his  voice, saying, Samuel, Samuel, Amen.
John Johnson, also, laid his hands upon the head  of his son Luke [Johnson] and said, my Father in Heaven, I ask  thee to bless this my son according to the blessings of his  forefathers, that he may be strengthened in his ministry  according to his holy calling, Amen.
The president then gave the assistant presidents a Solem charge  to do their duty in righteousness and in the fear of God. He also  charged the twelve Counsellors in a similar manner, all in the  name of Jesus Christ. We then, all raised our hands to heaven  in token of the everlasting Covenant, and the Lord blessed us  with his spirit. He then said the Council was organized  according to the ancient order, and also according to the mind  of the Lord
The Case of E[zra] Thayer, a high priest, against Curtis  Hodges Sen., and elder in the Church, was laid before the council [p. 37]
Minutes, Kirtland, OH, 19 Feb. 1834; handwriting of Orson Hyde; in Minute Book 1, pp. 36–39; CHL.