Minutes, 19 February 1834

Kirtland Feb. 19. 1834,
The Council assembled pursuant to adjournment. Joseph  Smith Jnr. opened the council by reading the 3rd. Chap of  of Joel’s prophecy, and prayer. After which he arose before  the Council, and said, that he had laboured the day before  with all the strength and wisdom that he had given him  in makeing the corrections necessary in the last council minutes  which he would now read before this Council. He asked  the council for their attention, that they might rightly judge  upon the truth and propriety of these minutes, as all were equally  interested in them &c. He als[o] urged the necessity of prayer, that  the spirit might be given, that the things of the spirit might be  judged thereby; because the carnal mind cannot discern the things  of God &c. He then proceeded to read the minutes and afterwards  made some remarks, when it was decided by the members of the  council present, that it might be read a second time. Sidney  Ridgon then proceeded to read the minutes or Constitution of the  high Council the second time, remarking at the time, that it could  not be justly urged to be read at this time, as the hour was passed  which was appointed for the Council to assemble. An impropriety by  some was discovered in the commencement of the minutes, as it says,  a council of high priests, and afterwards says, that elders, priests  and private members acted in said council. Said objections were  corrected, and the minutes read the third time by Oliver Cowd[e]ry.  The questions were then asked, whether the present Council acknowledged  the same, and receive them for a form, and constitution of the high  Council of the Church of Christ hereafter: The document was  received by the unanimous voice of the Council, with this provision,  that, if the president should hereafter discover any lack in the same  he should be privileged to fill it up.
The number present who received the above named document, was  twenty six high priests, eighteen Elders, three priests, one  teacher and fourteen private members, makeing in all, sixty two
After much good instruction, Joseph, the president, laid his [hands?] [p. 36]
Minutes, Kirtland, OH, 19 Feb. 1834; handwriting of Orson Hyde; in Minute Book 1, pp. 36–39; CHL.