Minutes, 28 December 1835

President [Frederick G.] Williams then addressed the council
President S. Rigdon then rose and delivered the  decision. That Eld. Babbit shall confess that for  the want of conformity to the spirit of God he has  let the adversary get the possession of his heart,  in consequence of which, he has spoken things false ly to the injury of J. Smith Junr, and by injuring him  he has insulted the feelings of the church of Christ  And that he shall confess publicly to the sat isfaction of his brethren.
This decision was confirmed by the whole council.  Elder Babbit rose and confessed that he was to  blame, for speaking about Brother Smith as he  did, & that he said him them in anger, And that he  never meant to rise up in rebelliong against the  church government of the church. And that in a  bad spirit he said what was proved and sees it.  was wrong to talk as he did about Brother J.  Smith, and that he thought he would give B.  J. Smith as good as he sent, as he did.
Elder Babbit confesses that he had injured J.  S. character and is sorry for it, but is not  willing to confess that he lied, and cannot confess  all that President Rigdon has said in his speech  Says he knows this council says he has done  wrong and is willing to confess it. The decision is  correct, Brother Babbit confessed to all  present, the charges above stated to the satisfac tion of most of the brethren present, [p. 134]
Minutes, Kirtland, OH, 28 Dec. 1835; handwriting of Warren Cowdery; in Minute Book 1, pp. 131–134; CHL.