Minutes, 28 November 1834

The council then decided that Joseph Smith Jur.  take such amount of said money as those brethren  can part with for the present, by giving sufficient  security, to be paid, with interest, by the 15th of April  1835. It was ascertained by the council sister Caroline  Tippits held $.149.75 of the money mentioned in said  letter, She was accordingly called into the council—  and expressed a willingness to loan the same,  A Note of $.280. was drawn in favor of John  H. Tippits, due April 15th. 1835 and signed by  Joseph Smith Junr Oliver Cowdery & F. G. Williams  and another in favor of Caroline Tippits of  $.150. due April 15th. 1835 signed by Joseph Smith Jn.  Oliver Cowdery &. F. G. Williams. The council then closed  in prayer by J. Smith Junr.
Clerk of Conference}
The next Counsellors will be arranged as  follows.
Jared Carter Joseph Smith Senr.
Oliver Cowdery Orson Hyde
Orson Johnson Luke Johnson
Samuel H. SmithMartin Harris
John Johnson Joseph Coe
John Smith Hyrum Smith
The following letter was presented by John H. Tippets and  formed the subject of the preceding council.
Written to brother Joseph & high council in Kirtland  by Alvah L. Tippits [Tippets] to be sent greeting.
Brother Joseph will recollect the time I left Kirtland  last winter in order to come for to dispose of the prop erty I had in possession, which I have been striving  to do, from that time till about the first of Sept. last. [p. 78]
Minutes, Kirtland, OH, 28 Nov. 1834; handwriting of Warren Cowdery; in Minute Book 1, pp. 77–80; CHL.