Minutes, 6 June 1833

This, day called a conference of High priests 6th. June 1833—  Bro Joseph opened by prayer. Orson Hyde being nominated a  Clerk for the presidency of the High priesthood. seconded and duly  chosen by vote, and took his seat to act.— The occasion of the  conference being called, was this. to council the committee who were ap pointed to take the oversight of the building of the House of the  Lord. These are the names of the committee Reynolds Cahoon  Jared Carter & Hyrum Smith. It was voted by the conference that  the committee proceed immediately to commence building the House  or obtaining material, Stone Brick Lumber &c— [p. 21]
When the school of the prophets was commissioned in December 1832, its members expected future spiritual endowments from God, eventually anticipating construction of a suitable edifice to serve as a school and a house of worship, or temple. The decision to purchase a site for the Kirtland house of the Lord, as it was called, was made in March 1833, with the transaction being completed the following month.
In May 1833, a conference of high priests created a fund-raising committee for the project, with Reynolds Cahoon, Jared Carter, and Hyrum Smith appointed to gather subscriptions to fund construction. On 6 June, another conference met and appointed that committee to oversee the actual purchase of materials and construction of the temple.
Orson Hyde, sustained on 6 June 1833 as “a clerk for the presidency of the High Priesthood,” may have recorded the original notes and then later copied these minutes into Minute Book 1.